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Targeting Rules

NotifyVisitors provides multiple targeting rules to show popups and survey / feedback survey based on visitors' behaviour.

Day & Time

NotifyVisitors will help you show different content based on the date and time. This can make it easy to switch content without having to make updates manually at a specified time.

Custom Rules

Pass custom data parameters dynamically in notifyvisitors javascript sdk and show notifications/surveys only when specific data value rules are satisfied. For example ask for feedback only if the purchase value is above $100. Please refer our detailed blog post.


Personalize the content your visitors see based on their location. We track the IP of a visitor on your site to find his/her locale. You can show notification/survey to visitors coming from specific geographies.


Scroll Percentage

Notifyvisitors allows you to show feedback notification/survey after certain scrolling percentage which is set by you.

App Version

NotifyVisitors allow you to show different notifications/surveys on different version of App.


OS Version

Display notification/surveys only on specific operating systems.


Time Delay on page

NotifyVisitors allow you to show notifications/surveys after a certain period of time.


Android Activity / IOS ViewController

Show online notification/survey only on specific Android Activity / IOS ViewController of your app based on the Android Activity / IOS ViewController rules you set.

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