10 Best Tips to Create Effective Shipping Confirmation Email

There is so much to see and be seen wearing this Fall. We take a detailed look at the shoes, the bags, the accessories and of course the overall looks when you're busy going from point A to point Z.

10 Best Tips for Creating Effective Shipping Confirmation Emails

Subject Line 

Craft a clear subject line that communicates the purpose of the email, e.g., "Your Brand Name# Order Shipping Confirmation." 


Add personal touches to automated emails by addressing recipients by name and using a conversational tone. 

Details About Shipped Contents 

Provide specifics, especially for perishable items, with images and clear descriptions. 

Link Tracking Information 

Include a tracking number and a prominent CTA button for easy package tracking. 

Expected Time of Delivery 

Inform customers about shipping and delivery times and the mode of delivery. 

Recipient's Address 

Always include the recipient's address, even for repeat customers, to avoid delivery issues. 

Product Recommendations 

Suggest relevant products at the bottom of the email, linked to product pages.