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Examples and Best Practice

Email Popup

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What is an Email Popup?

– A small window or dialogue box on a website prompting visitors to subscribe to an email list or newsletter. – Designed to capture visitor attention and encourage sign-ups.

Types of Email Popup


Welcome Popup

– Greets new visitors, offers discounts or incentives. – Introduces the brand and its mission.


Survey or Feedback Popup 

– Gathers visitor feedback with survey forms. – Offers incentives like prize or discount.


Social Follow Popup

– Encourages social media followings. – Provides links to brand's profiles and updates.


Abandoned Cart Popup 

– Reminds users of items in their cart. – Offers discounts to complete the purchase.


Upsell Popup 

– Encourages users to upgrade or add to purchases. – Offers complementary products at a discount.