19 Email Marketing Metrics for Success in 2023 

Lined Circle
Lined Circle


Email Open Rate 

– Measures the effectiveness of email subject lines. – High open rates result from clear, non-spammy subject lines.


Non-Open Rate 

– Reveals the number of unopened campaigns. – Useful for identifying ineffective elements and making improvements.


Links Clicked 

– Tracks how recipients interact with email links. – Utilize insights for engagement and link positioning improvements.


Mobile Open Rate 

– Monitors emails opened on mobile devices. – Helps optimize for mobile and create tailored content.


Click-Through Rate (CTR) 

– Measures the number of people clicking on email links. – Indicates the effectiveness of email copywriting and CTAs.


Revenue Per Campaign (RPC) 

– Shows the profit generated from email campaigns. – Helps identify successful email campaigns for future replication.


Email Forward/Share Rate 

– Indicates the percentage of recipients forwarding or sharing emails. – Ideal for word-of-mouth marketing strategy.


Email Read Rate 

– Reveals how many opened emails were read. – Valuable for important campaigns to assess reader engagement.