Email Marketing Benchmarks You Need to Track


What are Email Marketing Benchmarks?

Email marketing benchmarks are essential for judging campaign success and creating an overall strategy.

Best Email Marketing Benchmark


Open Rate 

– Email open rates are critical for email marketers. – Calculate the open rate by dividing the number of opens by the number of emails sent (minus bounces).


Click-Through Rate (CTR) 

– CTR indicates the percentage of recipients who click on email links. – The average CTR across industries is 2.6%.


Engagement Rates 

– Engagement measures how long readers engage with emails. – Engagement includes reading, skimming, and glancing.


Reply Rates 

– Reply rates are often overlooked but significant. – Average reply rate for B2B businesses is 5%-6%.


Bounce Rate 

– Bounced emails are those that fail to deliver. – Two types: hard bounce and soft bounce. – High bounce rates can be due to spam or audience issues.