Follow Up Email: How to Write

What is a Follow-up Email?

– A follow-up email serves as a reminder to recipients when you haven't received a response. – It confirms your interest and suitability for a position or business opportunity.

How to Write Follow-up Emails


Add Context:

Reference the original message to jog the recipient's memory and improve response chances.


Avoid Using "Follow up" in the Subject Line

– Use subject lines that reflect the purpose of the email or previous conversation. – Avoid "Follow-up" as it adds no value and may be perceived as blaming.


Show Value:

– Use the follow-up email to highlight the value you can bring. – Make it clear why the recipient should respond.


Include a Strong CTA:

– Craft a clear call to action that makes it easy for the recipient to respond. – Specify what you want from them. – Establish your brand as an industry expert.


Follow up Quickly:

– Send the first follow-up email two to three days after the initial contact to keep your application fresh in their mind. – Be prepared to send multiple follow-up emails if necessary.