What is Email Engagement? 11 Best Strategies to Increase It

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What is Email Engagement?

Email engagement refers to the level of interaction between an email sender and receiver. It refers to the ability of a business or individual to connect with their target audience by creating an email that resonates with them. 

Best Strategies to Increase Email Engagement


Make Your Subject Line Interesting

Craft intriguing subject lines that capture recipients' attention and curiosity. Keep them concise (30-40 characters), convey urgency, personalize, and infuse a touch of fun. 


Optimize Email Preheader Text 

Leverage preheader text to complement subject lines and provide a sneak peek of email content. Use key details, curiosity-driven hints, and incentives to entice recipients.


Powerful Call to Action (CTA) 

Design impactful CTAs that drive action. Consider quantity and placement for balance, maintain visibility, and emphasize design with buttons, colors, and fonts. 


Engaging Email Copy 

Create human-centric and concise email copy. Avoid industry jargon, personalize, maintain relevance, and use easy language for a more interactive reading experience.


Mobile-Friendly Design 

Prioritize mobile responsiveness for your email designs. Use responsive templates, format content for readability, optimize links, and analyze mobile analytics.