What is Email Blacklist? How to Check and Avoid it

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What is Email Blacklist?

– Email blacklist is a database identifying spam through IP addresses. – Filters emails to prevent spam from reaching inboxes. – ISPs use blacklists to ensure valid email addresses.

How to avoid being blacklisted?


Spam test

Always check the viability of your email campaigns with a spam test. There are many tools and methods for checking domain names against multiple blacklists. It allows for timely corrective action. 


Don’t buy the listing

When you subscribe to a mailing list, you are more likely to fall victim to spam traps set up by your ISP. Furthermore, they often contain old, expired, and illegal email addresses. 


Filter your mailing list

Email cleanliness is an important factor here. Delete old, unused, and bounced email addresses from time to time. 


Segment your mailing list

Segmentation is important in determining your target audience and understanding their needs and requirements.  


Keep emails consistent

Engagement, personalization, communication, and consistency are key components of long-term audience retention.