What Are Email Auto-responders? How to Setup + Best Tool

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What Are Email Responders? 

– Autoresponders automate email responses. – They trigger when someone emails you. – Create predefined emails for automatic sending. – Example: Out-of-office email during vacation.

Why Do We Use Email Autoresponders?

Digital marketers use autoresponders to: – Send important messages to subscribers. – Guide leads through the marketing funnel. – Tailor messages for distinct email list segments. – Boost conversions through engagement and upsells.

Benefits of Using Email Autoresponders:

1. Instant email reply:Sends emails at the right time. Improves customer engagement. 2. Increase brand credibility and loyalty:Provides reassuring and prompt responses. Builds trust and confidence in the brand. 3. Reduces the burden of responding to emails promptly:Pre-drafted emails handle specific topics automatically.

Different Types of Email Autoresponders:

1. Customer service autoresponder:Quick responses to user questions and issues. Custom emails for refunds, returns, demo changes, etc. 2. Out-of-office Autoresponder:Notifies your unavailability. 3. Mailer daemon:Handles undelivered email reports. 4. Autoresponders for employee changes:Notifies changes in employee positions.

Best Email Autoresponders 



– Features: Drag-and-Drop editor, SMS integration, abandoned cart emails. – Pricing: Available on request.



– Features: Personalized messages, automated messages, abandoned cart emails. – Pricing: Starts at $25/month.



– Features: Product recommendations, cart abandonment, automated welcome messages. – Pricing: Starts at $13/month.