Best Time to Send Email


– Email inboxes are crowded, and audience demographics vary. – Timing impacts open and click rates, making it essential.

Why Does Timing Matter?


– Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the optimal days. – Tuesday has the highest email open rate. – Thursday is the second-best day for email marketing.

Best Days to Send Emails: 

– Mornings (8–11 am) and evenings (4–6 pm) work well. – Avoid sending emails during working hours (12 pm to 3 pm).

Best Times of the Day to Send Emails: 

– Different industries have unique optimal days and times. – For example, Tuesdays and Thursdays work well for eCommerce. – SaaS companies see success at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Industry-Specific Timing:

– Timing depends on your industry and audience. – Consider mobile, PC, or laptop users' habits.

Factors Influencing Timing: 

1. Advanced Reporting and Analytics:Pay attention to metrics like open rate and click-through rate. 2. Email Automation Software:Use automation for personalization and optimal timing. 3. Subject Lines:Craft personalized, concise, and compelling subject lines.

How to Improve Email Open Rates:

– Understand your audience and use automation and A/B testing. – Craft creative subject lines for better open rates. – Timing is crucial to improve key performance indicators (KPIs) in email marketing.

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