17 Best Email Marketing Podcasts You Should Follow in 2023

The ultimate Guide

1. Marketing is essential for success in both online and offline businesses. 2. There are nearly 5 billion active social media users worldwide. 3. To effectively market your business, utilize various digital mediums.


– Hosts: Rob Temple and Kennedy – Entertaining and informative podcast about email marketing trends. – Features expert guests. – Frequency: Every Wednesday.

The Email Marketing Show 


– Host: Kate Doster – Focuses on helping businesses use email marketing effectively. – Encourages confidence in email marketing. – Frequency: Twice per month.

Inbox Besties w/ Kate Doster


– Host: Vira Sadlak – Explores eCommerce email marketing strategies. – Focuses on various aspects of email marketing. – Frequency: Every Tuesday.

Email Einstein by Flowium 


– Hosts: Eric Trinidad and Jonathan Torre – Offers insights into maximizing email deliverability and engagement. – Targeted at experienced email marketers. – Frequency: Twice per month.

Email’s Not Dead 


– Host: Matthew Dunn – Guests share their expertise and experiences in email marketing. – Discusses business challenges, leadership, and innovations. – Frequency: Thrice per month.

The Future of Email Marketing 


– Host: Kelly Forst – Covers email marketing strategies, copywriting, and more. – Designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. – Frequency: Monthly.

The FWD: Thinking Show


– Hosts: Natalie Jackson and Jen Capstraw – Showcases email marketing experts and their stories. – Offers tips and insights for email marketing. – Frequency: Every Monday.

Humans of Email 


– Host: Ashley K DeLuca – Shares strategies to amplify relationships through email marketing. – Frequency: Every Monday.

The Communication Conversation with Ashley DeLuca 

These podcasts provide valuable insights, tips, and trends for email marketing in 2023, helping businesses achieve better results and engagement with their audiences.

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